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Since 1999, (a part of the ITRAINING EXPERT GLOBAL PLT & ITE INTERNATIONAL LTD) have been working together with many companies from diverse industries, enabling us to really understand your training needs.
Acting as a single contact to our clients in providing excellent training and development, we are able to link the theoretical knowledge and practical lessons with applicable knowledge and skills thus offering you long-term SOLUTIONS.
Using a comprehensive approach, we assimilate ourselves into our your business, committing ourselves to knowing your operations as much as possible. We listen to issues and objectives, understand them and work out solutions together. This way, we are able to achieve your goals better by helping you to optimize your resources, improve your bottom line and continue your competitive advantage. 
Whether you’re in manufacturing, transport, banking, trading, hospitality, oil & gas to banking, property and services related businesses, we offer training and learning labs tailored to provide solutions to help increase productivity, performance and profitability. 
We will equip you with necessary skills and the right tools to sharpen your winning edge. 
From day-to-day business challenges, building brands, advertising brands to marketing products – we are ready to guide you every step of the way.
Customised Corporate Trainings (Be-spoke/ on site/ in house) and Public Programs.
We believe that learning isn’t about lecturing in front of a group of people and writing notes on the whiteboard; which is why we prefer the hands-on approach where we use real world experience with the help of technology.  
We match our consultants and trainers according to your requirements. Experienced industry practitioners and specialists in their field such as Oil & Gas, Banking, Manufacturing, Automotive, Hospitality, Aviation …to name a few, possess solid experience with priceless personal anecdotes that cannot be found in books. 
In fact, for more effective learning, we bring the front end of technology right into the heart of your company, empowering your staff with global industrial knowledge and current practices. This unique approach combined with the strong faculty of experts, competent trainers, and multilingual facilitators puts our lab in the position to spur your company’s progress faster.
High Integrity, Full commitment to excellence, Keep abreast with industry development, Quality services and Long term partnerships.
As a group of expert speakers and trainers, we help you in providing highly practical solutions through for your business and organisation. We help you develop your human capital, build better brands, create impressive image and market to more markets, re-engineer business.
We are committed to create a strong and continuous improvement in human capital performance with your organization.
With our smart partnership, we can fully understand your unique business strategy, goals, needs, objectives and culture. Following that, we will study your needs and shape special programmes that are uniquely yours – with an ultimate goal -- which is to build and sustain the skills and behaviours essential to your business success.

Latest Courses

  • Place : Armada, PJ Time : 26/3/2018 - 9 AM

    Supply Chain Management

    Global supply chain management is a critical success factor for manufacturers and retailers in most industries. A product or service is delivered to the ultimate customer through a complex interaction of companies i.e. through a supply chain.

  • Place : Klang Valley Time : 27/3/2018 - 9 AM

    Developing Effective Business Case

    This Developing Effective Business case course is carefully crafted to help you define the best solutions to your frustrating problems with your business or new products.

  • Place : Klang Valley Time : 28/3/2018 - 9 AM

    Emotional Intelligence for Managers

    In this life-changing experiential workshop, you will discover more about yourself. You will learn to be aware of yourself, manage your moods, empathize with others and hone your social skills

  • Place : Armada, PJ Time : 28/3/2018 - 9 AM

    Microsoft Excel- Advanced

    By the end of the MS Excel; Advanced training, you will bring home the following skills: compute and calculate with advanced functions and formulas organize worksheet and table data using multiple techniques create and modify charts and graphs.

  • Place : Klang Valley Time : 2/4/2018 - 9 AM

    Transformational Leadership - Transforming Manager into Leaders

    While many people believe that some individuals are born leaders, the good news is that leadership skills can be taught and learnt.

  • Place : Armada, PJ Time : 2/4/2018 - 9 AM

    Report Writing; How to Write Simply and Clearly

    Have you ever had difficulty in organising your thoughts? Or in deciding how to put together all the technical information you have available in writing? If you have had these kinds of difficulties, this course is for you

  • Place : Armada, PJ Time : 2/4/2018 - 9 AM

    Production Resource Planning, Scheduling and Activity Control

    Integrate production management methods into your operation and keep productivity up. Even if the economy is down.

  • Place : Armada, PJ Time : 4/4/2018 - 9 AM

    Positive Mental Attitude

    This course will focus on developing Executives to become self-directed performers with the right attitude for learning and ultimately deliver high quality work that will make a bottom-line difference in your organization.

  • Place : Armada, PJ Time : 5/4/2018 - 9 AM

    Proposal Writing Skills - Business and Technical

    Join us for an intensive day of immersion into the winning proposal writing process and equip yourself to be a productive and confident contributor and proposal writer. Learn how to craft compelling, persuasive and solid proposals that the decision

  • Place : Armada, PJ Time : 9/4/2018 - 9 AM

    A Guide To Managing And Understanding The Workings of Commercial Contracts

    In today's highly competitive and cost-conscious environment, understanding and managing your business or commercial contracts to avoid liability is an important part of business activity. Over 85% of business transactions are governed by contracts.

  • Place : Klang Valley Time : 9/4/2018 - 9 AM

    Sales Strategy with NLP

    This Sales Strategy with NLP training program is aimed at sharpening the skills and raising the confidence of sales professional to close deals, increase sales volume, increase revenue and profit.