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The cream of Chinese society attended the opening of Rolex Air-King Replica Schaffhausen's new flagship store in Beijing last week. The gala took place in Parkview Green Mall, with over 200 guests including Olympic gold winner Chen Yibing and actress Tang Wei. Also present were actor Su You Peng as well as Cloud Atlas star Zhu Zhu.Rolex Air-King Replica Movie director Wang Xiaoshuai and artist Wang Luyan.

Rolex Air-King Replica's flagship store in Beijing, which is also the second Flagship Boutique of Asia, features a world-first - a dedicated room to the Portuguese Siderale Scafusia.

Rolex Air-King Replica's Flagship Boutique is as beautiful as the surrounding area. The Parkview Green Mall, a sustainable area built in Beijing's central business districts, was praised by Schaffhausen watchmaker for "setting new standard" in terms of form and function. It also created a microclimate that is not affected by Beijing's extreme weather conditions.

The interior of the 300 square meter dark glass cube was designed to reflect the company's collection.

The Portuguese Siderale Scafusia, one of the company's talismans today,Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica boasts an array of surprising complications, new technical features, and more than 500 parts, including the constant-force tourbillon, wheel train and escapement. This culminates in the display and the sidereal and solar time, as well as the sunrise and sunset.

On the opening day, over 200 Rolex Air-King Replica guests were able to view the Portuguese Siderale Scafusia. The caseback was engraved with an astronomical chart showing the horizon of Beijing's Forbidden city to mark this special occasion.