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Prepare your coins. On the dial of tissot replica's newest watch, the famous yellow character is waiting to start the hunt. It's true. The renowned Swiss watchmaker, in association with Namco Bandai Games replica watches created a limited edition of 80 watches based on the cult arcade pac-man game. The Moon Invader collection by tissot replica includes new masterpieces that are inspired by the 1980s video game Space Invaders.

Toru Iwatani was a NAMCO game designer who, in 1980, after the huge success of SPACE INVADERS, created a little hero in yellow. This character became one of most recognized video game characters ever. The game was hugely popular in Japan and then came to the United States, causing a craze that has never been seen before called "PACMAN Fever". According to Guinness Book of Records, the game has sold over 300,000 units in arcades around the world.

You are either a huge Pac-Man fan who already knows all the facts,Cartier Santos Replica watches or you don't know what to buy with your money. This is the luxury edition, so it would be best if you were in both groups. tissot replica has created four different variations, each with 20 pieces. Each watch will cost $17,900.

The Price is Higher Than ExpectedThere are many reasons why the price may be higher than expected. The dial is made using a highly complex production process. The three levels are reminiscent of the classic game with a pixilated rendered matrix in high quality, creating a three-dimensional look. The two lower levels feature beadblasted edges, while the top level has straight-grained edge.