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ulysse nardin replica Moon Orbiter GMT Watch

A handy power reserve indicator is located at the bottom of dial. You can see in these pictures that all hands have been renewed with a new red tip. This is a trendy yet subtle nod to the "red Moon". The hands have been rhodiumed, and are satin-brushed.

The reverse of the watch also has a distinctive X-shaped replica The inertia blocks are made from an alloy Moon SilverRJ, which is a low-oxide silver alloy with genuine moon dust. It's mounted on a ceramic ball, and the oscillating mass. The circular-grained train and parts of the movement are visible from the rear.

The spring piston lugs of ulysse nardin replica have been reworked to ensure maximum comfort for the wrist. The watch is also equipped with a black alligator strap with red stitching,Rolex DateJust Replica which enhances its overall appearance.

ulysse nardin replica Moon Orbiter GMT is produced in an ultra-limited edition of only 25 pieces. RJ.M.TO.MO.011.01) comes in a ultra-limited edition with only 25 pieces. Retail price is $120.950.