This page records the training results obtained from our clients who have attended courses organised by

At the end of the every training or coaching session, delegates will evaluate the effectiveness of the training and the results are compiled based on their feedback & comments.

Trainings organised and conducted by

Post Training Reports
Year Program Title
  Successful Selling and Negotiation Skills ~ 19-20 September 2013
  Developing Effective OSHA for Hotel Industry -27 September 2012
  Applying Emotional Intelligent at Workplace by ~ 11 - 12 Dec 2012
  Project Managemet ~ 16 -7 Jan 2013
  Interpreting Financial Statements - Public Program held 23-24 April 2013, Malaysia
  Intensive Business Communication and Presentation 28 June 2013, Malaysia
  Finance for Non Finance Managers  - Public Program held 2-3 July 2013, Malaysia
  Technical Report Writing - Public Program held 4-5 July 2013, Malaysia
  Effective Credit Management and Debt Collection Strategies- 12 September 2013, Malaysia

For latest reports, please contact us for more details.